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安全 大決算セール バー6点セット







It got a rust on 1st waste with normal hot water and dish wash liquid. Its shows that its not stainless steel
The shaker came covered in black stuff which I wasn't happy with. Put it in the dishwasher to wash it out as it says dishwasher safe. Tried to make a cocktail with the shaker and alcohol was leaking everywhere, it's like the lid doesn't properly fit or secure on to it so I wasn't happy with this either as there was blue curaçao in the shaker when I started shaking and realised that it had went all over my clothes. Despite trying several times to try and secure the lid it didn't seem to work. What a waste. Even the little pourers that it comes with were leaking, like what chance do you have?Disappointed.
I must confess that I had anticipated the arrival of this set with a modicum of trepidation, having read some of the less than enthusiastic reviews that had been posted by those who had been somewhat disappointed with their acquisition pf same.Imagine therefore, dear reader, my delight when, upon opening the box and examining the contents thereof, I discovered my fears to be totally unfounded and without merit.Each individual item was of the highest quality, completely free of blemish, extremely utilitarian and would grace the armoury of the most jaded cocktail aficionado.Having already put this purchase to its intended usage, I can only exclaim my complete satisfaction as to it's raison d'etre and would have no hesitation whatsoever in extolling it's virtues to all and sundry. I would state unequivocally, that the functionality, appearance and utility of this conglomeration, would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, grace the table of the finest cocktail party and would merit numerous accolades and admirable comments.. (makes bloody good cocktails as well)!.